This is Age Reversing Dentistry

Through this comprehensive process the teeth are restored using conservative techniques to their natural size, shape, and position. They are also restored in harmony with each other and in a way to allow our facial muscles and jaw joints to relax. When this happens people are often amazed at how natural their smile appears. This is because the muscle tension and tightness in their face is gone.

There are several factors that distinguish BioRejuvenation dentistry from cosmetic dentistry

“Cosmetic dentistry is process of making the teeth more natural, symmetrical, and beautiful. This process often puts beauty in front of function. Dysfunction is often what caused the teeth to break down in the first place. If the function is not optimized, the dentistry will fail in the long run. The BioRejuvenation Dentistry process conservatively restores damaged teeth to their original, youthful shape and optimizes mouth function. As a result, patients feel better, look their best and the need for future restorative dental work is significantly reduced. This is a comprehensive and proactive approach to dental health.”

– Dr. Will Yoder

How would you like to have a beautiful smile without grinding your natural teeth away for crowns or veneers?

If so, BioRejuvenation dentistry may be for you. Until recently, this was not possible. Dr. Yoder completed a one-year residency with hundreds of hours of continuing education at The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies to bring this amazing technology to the patients he serves.

BioRejuvenation dentistry is a new biology based approach to the treatment of worn teeth, broken teeth, or TMJ pain. BioRejuvenation dentistry is based on extensive scientific research and observation into thousands of people who have had NO breakdown or pain in their chewing system throughout their life. All of these people had very specific characteristics in common:

  • Jaw Joints are stable and pain-free
  • Facial muscles are relaxed
  • Teeth are not worn and fit together in a specific harmony

People who undergo Rejuvenation Dentistry will enjoy:

  • Excellent Esthetics
  • Improved function
  • Comfort
  • Long-lasting dental health

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