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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Health Coaching vs Traditional Dentistry?

Traditional Dentistry is more of a “fix” problems as they arise mentality. Whereas Dental Health Coaching is about creating a partnership in managing health, not disease. We spend time listening to what you and why and guide you to understand how to attain the results you want. We don’t want to just “fix” you every time you have a problem. We want to help you understand why you’re having the symptoms in the first place and come up with an individualized plan to treat the cause. We have found that this approach saves people time, stress, and money in the long-run.

How is dental insurance different than medical insurance?

At a basic level, medical insurance will have a deductible of $1000 or more. One you exceed that number in expenses, all care will be covered by your in-network providers (excluding deductibles and some exceptions to this apply).

Dental insurance has a yearly maximum benefit of about $1500 per year. This means that no matter if you go to an in-network provider or an out-of-network provider they will only pay the maximum benefit.  In this way dental insurance is more like a $1500 coupon as opposed to real insurance. Dental insurance companies will also dictate what type of treatment you can or can’t have based on how much your employer pays the insurance company for your plan. 

Why does dental work need to be redone?

This is a common misconception. Most dental work does not need to be redone often. Many dental procedures shouldn’t need to be redone for twenty or more years. The way to ensure that dental work doesn’t need to be redone is by eliminating the causes of dental disease. For example, if you have a cavity your dentist should do more than fill the cavity. All cavities are caused by something. If I can help my patients find out what is causing their cavities I can help them to never have another one arise.

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3349 Tates Creek Rd, Ste 212
Lexington, KY 40502

(859) 269-5696


3349 Tates Creek Rd, Ste 212
Lexington, KY 40502

  (859) 269-5696

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