Crooked or Spaced Teeth

Solutions for some of the most common issues

The Problems with Crooked or Spaced Teeth

Teeth that are overlapped, spaced, or have become crooked are an all too common problem, even for people who had braces earlier in life. In addition to the cosmetic concerns, crooked teeth are challenging to keep clean which can lead to cavities or periodontal disease. Lexington, Kentucky dentist Will Yoder, DMD offers many solutions for straightening teeth with or without braces.

The most common and conservative way to correct misaligned teeth is through the use of braces. There is also a wonderful alternative for correcting mild and moderate tooth alignment issues. Invisalign® is a series of comfortable, removable, and invisible aligners that gently guide your teeth to the desired position, and unlike regular braces, these aligners can be removed for up to 4 hours per day for eating, drinking, or oral hygiene. Since the aligners are invisible, they can be proudly worn in public.

We may also use restorative dentistry methods to straighten or align crooked teeth without braces. For instance, veneers cover the front of the tooth and are great for minor alignment issues, whereas porcelain crowns cover the whole tooth and can correct more significant alignment issues.

Case Study

A fresher, brighter smile


Donna is a nurse by training, focused on academics and teaching. She had transferred to a program where more research presentations would be involved, and she wanted to have a better appearance on the podium and in educational videos.

Her teeth were worn and stained, and the sizes were not congruent with her facial features. There were several old restorations that were not pleasing as well. A comprehensive smile makeover was accomplished to achieve a more youthful and confident look for her lecturing and video presentations.