Headaches and Sore Muscles

Solutions for some of the most common issues

The Causes of Headaches and Sore Muscles

Many times, headaches and sore facial muscles can be attributed to teeth grinding, clenching, or an unbalanced bite. When a person has an unbalanced bite and they grind or clench their teeth, the muscles in their face are essentially contracted for hours. This is enough to make any muscle sore, and when these muscles are connected to our head, they can cause tension headaches.

There are numerous options for relieving sore muscles or quieting headaches. Some of these are as simple as a bite appliance, which will both take the stress off your teeth as well as reduce muscle tension. Other possibilities involve bite correction, which can be done by the minimal reshaping of teeth and other restorative work. This will allow for a completely balanced bite.

Dr. Will Yoder has spent countless hours taking continuing education courses studying the relationship between teeth, facial muscles, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and he loves helping people who have been struggling with sore muscles, joint pain, and frequent headaches. For more information about these common dental problems, feel free to call us.