Missing Teeth

Solutions for some of the most common issues

The Problems with Missing Teeth

A missing tooth cannot only affect your self-confidence and self-esteem, but it can have negative effects on the surrounding teeth. The primary ways in which you can replace missing teeth are through implants, bridges, or dentures. Drs. Cash and Yoder have had extensive training in treating complex restorative cases and have the experience to help you replace your missing teeth with a long lasting solution.

Dental implants are a remarkable way to permanently replace one or many teeth. They are very conservative in that no surrounding teeth need to be cut on when placing implants. Because you maintain the ability to brush and floss a single tooth, they are easier to maintain than a bridge or denture. Dr. Will Yoder will carefully evaluate your specific situation to see if an implant is ideal for you.

A dental bridge is a wonderful way to replace missing teeth. One of the major positives is the long-lasting solution the bridge provides by staying in your month permanently. A bridge is typically designed to span one or two missing teeth and will anchor to the teeth or implants on either side of the missing space.

A denture is used as a substitute when a person is missing all of their upper or lower teeth. Dentures have had great advancements in recent years due to the popularity of dental implants. With the use of dental implants, dentures can be secured to the implants to where they never come out and offer you the ability to chew and speak just like real teeth were present. Often times, you can get the implants and a secured denture in one day.

Case Study

A fresher, brighter smile


Tony had significant facial trauma in a jet ski accident. The handle bar struck his chin with such force that he experienced bilateral condylar fractures of his TMJ, a midline mandible fracture, and multiple badly broken teeth.

Our office coordinated the restoration of his smile makeover and bite alignment with multiple specialists. His treatment included orthodontics, implant placement for teeth lost, root canals, bonding, and multiple porcelain crowns. His handsome smile is back!