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Last time, we discussed part one of a two-part series that walks through the process of a smile makeover. Picking up from last time, at this point in the process you will be going about your daily life with the temporary restorations in place. This is a time to think about how shape, size, color of the temporaries, as well as how your bite feels. Everything should be comfortable and your bite should feel better than it ever has. At some point between placement of the temporaries and delivery of the final porcelain veneers you will come back to the office. We will take a few photos and make any minor adjustments to the temporaries that you desire. This appointment only takes about thirty minutes. We then have the lab fabricate the final porcelain veneers or crowns to precisely copy the size and shape of the temporaries.

At the final appointment the temporaries are removed and the final restorations are put into place. Before we cement them permanently you can evaluate the color, shape, and feel of them. Our lab technician is always nearby on these days. If any minor adjustments in color or shape need to be made, they can be made on the spot. This is just one of the many reasons I love working closely with a local lab. With your final approval everything will be permanently cemented. These porcelain restorations will feel just like natural teeth. They can be flossed and brushed just like normal.

Before and after veneers

Your new smile should look completely natural. High quality porcelain restorations will not look like chicklets or false teeth. They should simply add harmony and youthfulness to your overall appearance. It is truly amazing how even minor changes to ones smile can make a dramatic difference in a person’s confidence. A smile makeover can absolutely be a life-changing process. It is a process to have your smile match your personality, to add youthfulness to your life, and to ultimately become a healthier.

Before and after veneers

One of our most recent cases was a lovely lady who was just getting back into the dating scene after many years. Unfortunately,  she felt as though her smile didn’t match her bubbly personality. I often see people are unable to let their true personality shine because they feel worried or self-conscious about their smile. During her temporary phase of treatment she met her first boyfriend in quite some time. Her new boyfriend said that he loved her smile, without even knowing that she was going through a smile makeover. Imagine the self-confidence she must have felt after all these years of hiding her smile! She is now finished with the full treatment and has a result that is both comfortable and beautiful. She said it was the best investment she has ever made and didn’t even know that an investment like this would offer so many rewards.

It is my absolute passion to help people reach their goals and gain health. This often gives them peace of mind and confidence that will positively impact their life. A smile makeover is so much more than just a better smile. It’s part of a road that leads to becoming healthier for the long run. A great bonus is the improved appearance of your smile. For more information on how this process can increase the quality of your life, please contact me for your personal consult.


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Will Yoder, DMD