Our Unique Approach

Choosing a dentist and a dental health team is a very important decision. In our private care practice, we believe that long-lasting oral health is a choice anyone can make and achieve. That choice always leads to an improved quality of life. A beautiful smile is so much more than straight or white teeth. It is truly the essence of who we are and it should reflect our personality and lifestyle. Our goal is to add value to your life by partnering with you to create long-lasting beauty and health.

I believe that health is a choice that anyone can make for themselves. I also believe that choosing health will add tremendous value and even time to your life. My mission is to provide Lexington with a low volume, private care environment where people receive individualized care. I choose to practice dentistry this way because I’m able to help patients achieve predictable results, peace of mind, and most importantly, health. This way of approaching dentistry is so much more then treating patients, it’s building partnerships and helping people become the best version of themselves.

We take the time at the first appointment to really get to know each patient. We will discuss what issues you may have had with your past dental health, as well as what you value and desire for your future. I have found that no one thinks about losing their teeth or disliking their smile ten or twenty years down the road.  This is why I believe thinking about the future from the very beginning helps people achieve or maintain what they want with less time, money, or discomfort along the way. My commitment is to help you have as little dental work over the course of your life, while maintaining health and esthetics.”

– Dr. Will Yoder

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